-Pack of 3 (32 x 32 cm, 26 x 26 cm & 18 x 18 cm)
-Adult lunch pack of 2  (32 x 32 cm & 26 x 26 cm)

Our reusable beeswax food wraps last for up to 12 months, wash, wrap reuse and most importantly saving 1,000 of pieces of plastic clingfilm going into landfill. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and breathable therefore when combined with our other ingredients the wraps keep food fresher for longer. Our wraps are slightly sticky so with the warmth of your hands you can mould the beeswax wrap around food.

Queen Bee Wraps

Handmade in our East Lothian workshop our wraps are produced with the highest quality food-grade ingredients of beeswax, damar tree resin & jojoba oil. Each ingredient adds properties to the cotton fabric giving you one of the best beeswax wraps on the market. If you need extra feedback do have a look at our testimonial page or follow us on Facebook for regular updates, offers or news of new designs.

  • Beeswax makes the cotton wrap waterproof, breathable and antibacterial, such are the wonderful properties of beeswax. This is what helps to keep food fresher for longer, like a second skin. Does the beeswax make the food smell? No our food-grade beeswax has a low odour meaning it will not impart a beeswax flavour to bread or cheese.
  • Damar Tree Resin adds extra stickiness to the food wrap helping it seal bowls and sticks to itself when wrapping food.
  • Jojoba Oil is actually a wax and is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic therefore it softens the wax stopping it from cracking when cold and helps keep food fresh. In the fridge or freezer the wrap goes hard but as soon as it is removed from the cold is opens easily without cracking, a vital ingredient.

Wrapping food doesn’t have to be dull, bring joy to the mundane with a Queen Bee Wrap!

All hand made in our East Lothian studio in Cockenzie, Scotland.

How to look after your wrapssee our wrap care section

How to fold your wrapsee our ‘how to’ videos


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joanna Carter
So good have bought more

I love these wraps. I bought two last year and just bought another 4. In the meantime I bought some wax wraps from a different, cheaper brand and they were awful... all the wax balled up and fell off and I was left with floppy squares of cotton after just a few weeks. Hence I went back to Queen Bee. It's worth it to pay a little extra. I use the wraps every day for my family's sandwiches, everyone has their own wrap! They are brilliant - sticky, mouldable, easy to rinse, and somehow the wax wraps cleverly stick to themselves when folding, but not to the food. They make me feel happy when I get my sandwiches out at lunchtime - I can't bear single-use plastic these days.

Naomi Dale

Love these wraps! They are so versatile & the best plastic alternative to covering & wrapping. We use them for picnics & for covering things in the fridge. I wrapped an avocado in one the other day & it came out looking the same as when I wrapped it!! Thankyou queenbeewraps! Fast delivery too! My mum loves them too & I’m spreading the word! No going back in this house.

Great alternative to foil or plastic

A great alternative to plastic or foil wrappers for lunches. Easy to use and keep clean. Quick delivery. Pretty fabric too.

Harri Ravenscroft
Brilliant product

Was delivered very quickly. The quality and look of the product is brilliant, and really useful to have a range of sizes as well.

Crona Hodges
Not going back

We all love our new wraps! They brighten up the fridge as well as work perfectly, clean easily and fold away again tidily. We are convinced and we’re not going back to cling film!