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1 x XXL bread wrap, 45 x 55 cm

Our reusable food wraps are made with a special blend of natural ingredients giving the cloth natural antibacterial properties. A breathable beeswax wrap keeping your food fresher for longer.

What’s in our 100% cotton fabric wraps?
We only use the best quality certified food grade ingredients for our wraps; 100% pure beeswax, natural damar tree resin & jojoba oil. Beeswax is an amazing product, there’s nothing else like it, anti bacterial, anti mould, waterproof, firms up in the fridge and mouldable with the warm of your hands.
Damar tree resin comes from sustainable farms in Indonesia.  It makes the wrap mouldable, more sticky, and stops the beeswax from cracking when cold. Approved for use in food storage and no known allergies or adverse reactions. 100% pine resin free. Some people are allergic to pine resin/pine rosin/pine gum.
Jojoba oil adds to the suppleness of the wrap makes the wrap softer.

All the ingredients give the wrap  naturally anti bacterial and anti mould properties.

How to use – scrunch the new wrap to soften the beeswax then use the warmth of your hands to shape and seal around the food.

To clean – just hand wash, like a plate, in cold water with mild washing up liquid. Air dry, roll up (rolling better than folding so you know what size it is!) and store ready for reuse.

Handmade in East Lothian, Scotland by Bryden and his wife, Louise.

Bring joy to the mundane with a colourful Queen Bee Wrap!

Weight 120 g

African Dreams, Bohemian rhapsody, Bumble Bee Cream, Bumble Bee Gray, Bunting, Dark rose & Steel, Elephants, Floral Flamingo, Forest Friends, Galaxy, Honey Bee Postive, Japanese Cranes, Monochrome flower – organic, organic green, Organic Olive Green, organic Wildlings, Paisley Blue, Paisley Green, Paisley White, Pastel Flower, Pastel Paisley, Plain and Simple, Poppy Fields, Quick Order, Sepia Sonata, Soft pastel CREAM, Springtime Blues, steel, floral, Summer Fruits, Swirling Flowers, The Gatherine, The Gathering, The Planets, Woodland, all floral, all rose blue, all rose cream, all steel, any, don't mind, apple, batik, blue leaf, blue retro, blue smile, Bugs life, butterfly, Celtic Blue, floral, floral, steel, floral, jurassic, lime polka dot, mixture: bugs and jurassic, Organic – Cotton Sun, Organic – Pine Sunset, Organic – Pines in the Sky, organic bee, Organic Black Rose, organic blue, Organic Bold Dots, organic floral, organic fox, Organic Pine sunset, organic slate, patchwork, random selection, rose, rose and dot, rose cream, Scandi blue, Scandi Leaf, scandi plum, Scandi silver, Scandi Smile, silver smile, steampunk, steel, steel, floral, steel, stripy, tropical, white bee, white bee and blue, yellow leaf

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